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What to Expect after Moving to Assisted Living

what to expect after moving to assisted livingOnce the decision has been made that moving to assisted living is the best option to improve a senior’s overall quality of life, both the senior and his or her family members are faced with another challenging situation: ...Read More

Making the Move to Assisted Living Easier

moving to assisted livingMoving parents or elderly loved ones into assisted living can be a trying process for everyone involved. Many seniors fear moving to assisted living means they will lose their independence; that their everyday freedoms ...Read More

How Relationships Aid in Healthy Aging

relationships and healthy agingPositive emotions can have a large impact on your overall health. Feeling happy and joyful can actually reduce your stress levels by causing physical differences in your heart rhythm patterns; when you are ang...Read More

Types of Long Term Care Services

long term care servicesWhile people of any age might require long-term care services at some point in their lives, it’s generally more commonly associated with the aging population. Long-term care can include living accommodations and medical care by a sk...Read More