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Foot complications from diabetes can often lead to more serious health issues and infection if not addressed early. Diabetic neuropathy, or diabetic nerve damage is the most common complication. This condition is… Read More

What Causes Diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic condition in which there are abnormally high levels of glucose in the blood. There are two forms of diabetes – type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Type… Read More

The Main Risk Factors for Diabetes

According to the National Diabetes Statistics Report from 2014, 9.3 percent of the entire population in the United States has diabetes. That’s over 29 million people in the country, both diagnosed and… Read More

Even when you’re well past the recommended cut-off age for trick-or-treating, Halloween can be a tempting time of year for even the most health-conscious individuals! From bags of sugary and chocolatey candy… Read More

Stress and Diabetes

Throughout our lives, we all face certain stress from time to time. Stress is a physiological response to a perceived attack, event or activity that produces tension or strain. Stress can be… Read More

Common Symptoms of Diabetes

Early detection of diabetes is key to preventing the onset of complications. However, the problem is that some of the common diabetes symptoms are quite mild, so it might be difficult to… Read More

Although anyone can develop type 2 diabetes, your lifestyle, age and family history can put you at a higher risk. Common signs of diabetes include weight loss or gain, increased thirst, frequent… Read More

The past several years have been active in regards to diabetes research. New advances in diabetes treatments and medications are evolving and becoming available to the public  and they show promise for… Read More

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