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The Best Low Impact Exercises for Seniors

Best Low Impact Exercises for SeniorsIt’s recommended that to stay as physically healthy as possible, we need to get at least 150 minutes of exercise that elevates our heart rate every week. For seniors, or even those who are new to exerci...Read More

How to Reduce Lower Back Pain with Exercise

lower back exercisesAs we age, our bodies start to go through some physical changes. We lose muscle mass and flexibility, and some of us start to deal with pain from certain chronic conditions, such as osteoporosis or arthritis. One of the...Read More

Why Walking is Beneficial for Seniors

walking for seniorsLong ago, walking was basically the only form of transportation humans had. Going from one place to the next meant using our own two feet to get there, but luckily, our bodies are designed for walking. As time passed, we...Read More

The Best Senior Workouts

best senior workoutsExercise has long been known as one of the most important keys to healthy aging. Seniors who are physically active on a daily basis enjoy less aches and pains, more energy, better mobility, boosted moods and even improv...Read More

The Importance of Strong Hands

hand exercises for seniorsMany of us deal with age-related changes in regards to our bodies as we age. Our bones and muscles can weaken, making performing and completing simple daily tasks challenging. Osteoporosis or arthritis can set in, w...Read More

Avoiding Sitting Disease: Time to Get Active!

what is sitting disease?Recently, studies have been conducted regarding the sedentary lifestyle many Americans live today and the impact it can have on our health. As it turns out, it’s more important than we even previously may have thoug...Read More

The Importance of Healthy Joints

importance of healthy jointsYour joints are the connections between your bones that allow you to bend your elbows, knees, neck, hips and more. Like our bones, as we age it’s common for our joints to start to wear down and cause conditions l...Read More

Why Proper Posture is Imperative for Seniors

proper posture for seniorsHave you ever noticed that the older you get, the shorter you seem to get, too? As we enter our 50s and 60s, we actually do experience a “shrinking” phenomenon and can end up losing up to an inch of our overall hei...Read More