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Indianapolis Walk to End Alzheimer’s 2016

Indianapolis Walk to End Alzheimer'sAlzheimer’s disease is one of the top ten leading causes of death in the United States. However, Alzheimer’s is unique in that unlike the other leading causes of death, there is currently no way to prevent or cure it. Every 66 second...Read More

Is It Alzheimer’s or Normal Memory Loss?

memory loss in the elderlyHave you ever found yourself standing in the middle of a room, at a complete loss as to why you walked into it? You know there was a specific something you needed, but you have no idea what. Frustrated, y...Read More

Avoiding Caregiver Denial

dementia caregiversThe word denial is defined as “the refusal to admit the truth or reality.” When it comes to accepting the truth about a loved one’s recent dementia diagnosis, family caregivers can often have a difficult time accepting this new reality. While denial can som...Read More

Connecting to Loved Ones with Dementia

dementia communication tipsWhen a loved one has dementia, staying connected and maintaining communication can pose certain challenges. The changes in personality and behavior that come along with the disease make it difficult to remember th...Read More