American Senior Communities

Nursing Homes in Northwest, Northeast and Southern Indiana

American Senior Communities is proud to serve fellow Hoosiers across the great state of Indiana. We have nursing homes in Indianapolis, northwest Indiana, northeast Indiana, and southern Indiana for the convenience of our residents and their families.

To find out more about a specific location, click the numbered red dot closest to that location or click the link the right.

Nursing homes in Indianapolis, nursing homes in northwest Indiana, nursing homes in southern Indiana and nursing homes in northeast Indiana. Stonebrooke Rehabilitation Centre and Suites Rosebud Village Heritage House Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center Columbia Healthcare Center North Park Nursing Center Good Samaritan Home and Rehabilitative Center Hillcrest Village Riverview Village Clark Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Center The Timbers of Jasper Westview Nursing & Rehabilitation Center Salem Crossing Seymour Crossing Arbor Grove Village Franklin Meadows Greenwood Meadows Springhill Village Clinton Gardens Williamsport Nursing and Rehabilitation Healthcare & Garden Homes Rosewalk Village of Lafayette Monticello Healthcare Lowell Healthcare Valparaiso Care & Rehabilitation West Bend Nursing & Rehabilitation Cardinal Nursing & Rehabilitation Riverside Village East Lake Nursing & Rehabilitation Avalon Village Healthcare & Garden Homes Betz Nursing Home Bethlehem Woods Nursing & Rehabilitation Heritage Park Healthcare & Assisted Living Glenbrook Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Center Summit City Nursing and Rehabilitation Coventry Meadows Healthcare & Assisted Living Markle Heath & Rehabilitation Autumn Ridge Rehabilitation Centre North Woods Village University Nursing Center Edgewater Woods Maple Park Village Riverwalk Village Meadow Lakes Healthcare & Assisted Living Countryside Meadows Brownsburg Meadows Healthcare & Assisted Living Zionsville Meadows Healthcare & Assisted Living Harcourt Terrace Nursing and Rehabilitation Spring Mill Meadows Healthcare & Garden Homes Eagle Valley Meadows North Capitol Nursing & Rehabilitation Washington Healthcare Center Bethany Village Healthcare and Assisted Living Forest Creek Village Rosegate Healthcare & Assisted Living Beech Grove Meadows Healthcare & Assisted Living Harrison Terrace Community Nursing & Rehabilitation Rosewalk Healthcare & Assisted Living American Village Healthcare, Garden Homes, Independent Apartments, and Assisted Living Allisonville Meadows Healthcare and Assisted Living Ben Hur Health and Rehabilitation Fairway Village

Our Indiana Nursing Home locations

01. Allisonville Meadows (Healthcare)
01. Allisonville Meadows (Assisted Living)
02. American Village (Healthcare)
02. American Village (Garden Homes, Independent Apartments, and Assisted Living)
03. Arbor Grove Village
04. Autumn Ridge Rehabilitation Centre
05. Avalon Village (Healthcare)
05. Avalon Village (Garden Homes)
06. Beech Grove Meadows (Healthcare)
06. Beech Grove Meadows (Assisted Living and Garden Homes)
07. Ben Hur Health and Rehabilitation
08. Bethany Village (Healthcare)
08. Bethany Village (Assisted Living)
09. Bethlehem Woods
10. Betz Nursing Home
11. Brownsburg Meadows (Healthcare)
11. Brownsburg Meadows (Assisted Living and Garden Homes)
12. Cardinal Nursing & Rehabilitation
13. Clark Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Center
14. Clinton Gardens
15. Columbia Healthcare
16. Community Nursing & Rehabilitation
17. Countryside Meadows
18. Coventry Meadows (Healthcare)
18. Coventry Meadows (Assisted Living and Garden Homes)
19. Eagle Valley Meadows
20. East Lake Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
21. Edgewater Woods
22. Fairway Village
23. Forest Creek Village
24. Franklin Meadows
25. Glenbrook Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Center
26. Good Samaritan Home & Rehabilitative Center
27. Greenwood Meadows
28. Harcourt Terrace Nursing & Rehabilitation
29. Harrison Terrace
30. Heritage House Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center
31. Heritage Park (Healthcare)
31. Heritage Park (Assisted Living and Garden Homes)
32. Hillcrest Village
33. Lowell Healthcare
34. Maple Park Village
35. Markle Health & Rehabilitation
36. Meadow Lakes (Healthcare)
36. Meadow Lakes (Assisted Living and Garden Homes)
37. Monticello Healthcare
38. North Capitol Nursing & Rehabilitation
39. North Park Nursing Center
40. North Woods Village
41. Riverside Village
42. Riverview Village
43. Riverwalk Village
44. Rosegate (Healthcare)
44. Rosegate (Assisted Living and Garden Homes)
45. Rosewalk (Healthcare)
45. Rosewalk (Assisted Living)
46. Rosewalk Village of Lafayette
47. Rosebud Village
48. Salem Crossing
49. Seymour Crossing
50. Springhill Village
51. Spring Mill Meadows (Healthcare)
51. Spring Mill Meadows (Garden Homes)
52. Stonebrooke Rehabilitation Center
53. Summit City Nursing & Rehabilitation
54. The Timbers of Jasper
55. University Nursing Center
56. Valparaiso Care & Rehabilitation Center
57. Washington Healthcare Center
58. West Bend Nursing & Rehabilitation
59. Westview Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
60. Williamsport Nursing & Rehabilitation (Healthcare)
6-. Williamsport Nursing & Rehabilitation (Garden Homes)
61. Zionsville Meadows (Healthcare)
61. Zionsville Meadows (Assisted Living and Garden Homes)