Rosegate Cardiac Rehabilitation

Rosegate Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our specialized Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is designed for seniors who have experienced a recent cardiac event or have a history of heart complications. This program provides short-term treatment, education and support for individuals with cardiovascular medical conditions which may include:

Recovery from:
– Heart Valve replacement
– Pacemaker implant
– Coronary artery bypass graft
– Myocardial Infarction (MI)

Heart Failure
Other cardiovascular diseases

Specialized Care

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program utilizes researched and proven protocols. Led by our interdisciplinary team and rehab specialists, we work in conjunction with the patient’s cardiologist and physician to develop a customized plan of care. As well, our 1:6 nurse to patient ratio ensures that our patients are getting truly individualized care.

The components of our program include:
-Patient Assessment and Monitoring
-Individualized Therapy
-Specialized Nutrition
-Patient Education
-Discharge Planning
-New Energy Wellness (Outpatient maintenance exercise program)

Patient Assessment and Monitoring

Our team of healthcare professionals helps our patients rebuild their lives, beginning with a smooth transition from acute care to skilled nursing and rehabilitation and eventually back home. This is accomplished through:

– A thorough medical history review and baseline measurements evaluation upon admission
– Specialized cardiac and pulmonary assessments
– Physical evaluations by the physician and therapy team
– Management of cardiac medication regimen in conjunction with the pharmacist, cardiologist and physician
– Dedicated wound team to assess and monitor surgical sites
– Coordination of specialty physician visits and transportation needs

Patient Education

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program combines health education with medical management and individualized therapy. Our goal is to help patients achieve a healthy lifestyle, thus reducing heart health risk and future cardiac events.

Individual patient education counseling sessions at the bedside may be provided specific to a patient’s disease process. These include:

– Nutritional Modifications
– Medication Management
– Risk Factor Management
– Smoking Cessation

Individualized Therapy

We know that the road to recovery is different for each individual. That is why each of our patients has a therapy program tailored to meet their specific needs. Our goal is to return patients home safely with the skills they need to continue an independent
and healthy lifestyle.

– Cardiovascular protocol instruction that focuses on improving functional abilities through increased strength and activity tolerance
– Our rehabilitation team includes Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapists employed by Rosegate
– Therapy available 7 days per week
– Therapy assessment within 24 hours of admission
– In-home assessments performed prior to discharge to ensure a safe transition back home

Specialized Nutrition

Our meal program empowers patients to make nutritious meal choices. Our on-staff Registered Dietitian assessment and physician coordination facilitate proper nutrition for the patient.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning plays an important role in a patient’s recovery process. Our Road to Recovery meeting offers an opportunity for the interdisciplinary team, patient and their family to meet within the first 72 hours of admission. The purpose of this meeting is to map out the patient’s plan of care and discharge goals.

Our goal is to make sure that patients have access to all resources necessary for a successful transition back to independent living. This includes coordination of community-based home health and equipment needs. As well, patients will receive a free one month membership to our New Energy Wellness program

New Energy Wellness

New Energy Wellness offers a unique program for our cardiac rehabilitation graduates to continue their exercise program on an outpatient basis. Our Health Promotion Coordinator works with seniors and their physician to deliver a low impact, customized exercise regimen meant to promote cardiac wellness.

– Blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation levels are monitored before and after each session
– Specialized Nautilus equipment designed for those 50+ incorporates wider seats, more padding, smaller incremental weight increases and hydraulic lifts.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at Rosegate was developed as a commitment to provide the most up-to-date healthcare solutions for seniors on Indianapolis’ Southside. We are conveniently located on Emerson Avenue, between Southport and Stop 11, just up the road from the St. Francis Heart Center