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Alzheimer’s and Memory Care

While a cure for Alzheimer’s disease does not yet exist, many options are available that enable those with the disease or other forms of memory loss to enjoy a quality of life. The progression of Alzheimer’s and the symptoms that accompany it often make it difficult for family members to continue care at home. We are experts at caring for individuals challenged with memory care issues.

Auguste’s Cottage is a structured, research-based program utilizing a person centered, wellness based model of care. Excellent healthcare is always provided, but quality of life is our primary focus. Stimulating daily activities are offered and encouraged to sustain independence and promote a healthy spirit.

  • Meaningful Day activity program features 8 domains of wellness
  • Holistic and innovative care philosophies are emphasized
  • Reminiscent and dementia supportive living environment

Auguste’s Cottage is a self-contained center within our community. The concept of the cottage is to focus on maintaining a secure, home-like environment where residents have a sense of belonging. We surround residents with artwork and special personal items from their past to help foster a sense of belonging and cultivate feelings of security. Plants adorn the halls and pets visit frequently. This protected environment fosters dignity and supports autonomy by reducing challenges.

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Auguste’s Story

Auguste’s Cottage was created as a tribute to Auguste D. from Frankfort, Germany.  Following her death, her physician, Dr. Alois Alzheimer, was curious about her peculiar behavior and completed an autopsy.  He discovered neuro-fibular tangles and plaque.  This discovery is what inspired the care of what we now know as Alzheimer’s disease.

To learn more about Auguste Deter, Dr. Alois Alzheimer and the origin of memory care, we invite you to watch this special video.

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