American Senior Communities would like to thank its residents for their commitment and contributions to improving the world.


Lucy Gatewood

Lucy Gatewood was the driving force in cleaning up her neighborhood. Thank you Lucy for being a model citizen.

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Karl Wagner

As a safety officer, Mr. Wagner spent years protecting our children. Thank you Karl.

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Betty Swift

Thank you Betty Swift. She spent 3 decades caring for the elderly. We have that passion too.

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Arthur Carter

Mr. Carter paved the way for African Americans to become pilots. Thank you, Arthur for your diligence and perseverance.

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The Ervins

The Ervins taught for nearly a half a century! We appreciate their commitment to education!

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Betty Phillips

Betty Phillips continues to volunteer after nearly 30 years of dedication. Thank you Betty!

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Hugh Sullivan

Mr. Sullivan, developed several drugs including Darvocet, a pain medicine used by millions. His impact has been worldwide!

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Ursula Davis

Ursula Davis served in the National Guard. Thank you Ursula, for being a trailblazer for women.

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Robert Penick

Thank you Mr. Penick for sharing your musical talent!

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Marta Rodenhuis

Marta Rodenhuis fled from Adolph Hitler’s control in the 1940s. Your courage inspires me!

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Sarah Van Blaricum

Ms. Blaricum fostered over 100 children before they were placed in their permanent homes. Thank you Sarah!

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Dr. Wallace Gordon Diehl

As a founder of the Indianapolis 500 Gordon Pipers, Mr. Diehl spent decades sharing the heritage of the Scottish Celtic culture. Thank you Gordon!

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Gordon Schaefer

Gordon Schaefer received two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star for his bravery in World War II. Thank you Gordon for your heroic service!

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Bruce Spear

Mr. Spear designed senior facilities that many still call home. Thank you Bruce!

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